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Jim Labe

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Co-Founder
  • Menlo Park, New York, Boston


Jim Labe is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of TriplePoint Capital. Mr. Labe is widely recognized as the pioneer of the venture leasing and lending segment of the commercial finance industry. He played a key role in making venture leasing and lending an essential source of capital for venture capital-backed companies. Over the past twenty-five years, Mr. Labe has worked closely with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs introducing them to the benefits of venture leasing and lending. He has closed venture lease and loan transactions with hundreds of venture capital-backed companies.

Prior to co-founding TriplePoint, Mr. Labe founded Comdisco Ventures in 1987, the venture division of Comdisco, Inc. He led the division as CEO for more than 15 years, managing more than $3 billion in lease and loan transactions to more than 970 leading venture capital-backed companies. Under his leadership, Comdisco Ventures recognized thirteen consecutive years of profitability representing more than $500 million in cumulative pre-tax profits. Comdisco Ventures was recognized by BusinessWeek, Forbes, The Red-Herring, and other industry publications as the leader of the venture leasing and lending industry. Mr. Labe personally trained senior members of many of the existing firms in the venture leasing and lending industry.

Prior to Comdisco Ventures, Mr. Labe served as a Director at Equitec Financial Group, the first nationwide institution to provide warrant-based leases to venture capital-backed companies. During his tenure at Equitec, he helped develop the concept of venture leasing and originated many venture lease and loan transactions. Mr. Labe has played a pivotal role in making venture leasing and lending an essential source of capital for private venture capital-backed companies and in the process has educated the financial and academic communities on the concept. Mr. Labe is a speaker at venture industry conferences and has appeared as a guest speaker on the topic at both Harvard Business School and the University of Chicago School of Business.

When not at the helm at TriplePoint Capital, his diverse civic interests have included Stanford University’s Athletic Advisory Board, Silicon Valley Community Ventures (Pacific Community Ventures), the Youth Tennis Association (YTA), the East Palo Alto Tennis Tutorial Program (EPATT), and serving as a volunteer camp counselor for underprivileged inner-city youths.

Mr. Labe holds an XM.B.A. from the University of Chicago and a B.A. from Middlebury College in Vermont.

Mr. Labe serves as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp.


Jim Labe

Chief Executive Officer

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President & Chief Investment Officer

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